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Our services

Cope Travel Solution

Cope Travel Solutions stands as a prominent provider of specialized travel and assistance services, delivering competitive solutions tailored to meet the dynamic requirements of stakeholders across the travel industry offering the following features:
Treaty reinsurance supported by A-rated security
Tailored underwriting services to suit individual needs
Comprehensive IT assistance
24/7 worldwide claims management on a direct billing basis
Cutting-edge online policy issuance system with integration capabilities

What sets us apart?

Market Insight and Reach

Cope TS team possesses extensive experience in the Travel sector, spanning a deep understanding of marketing channels (including Insurance companies, Aggregators, Brokers, Distributors, and Travel agencies) and robust connections with key players in the industry. This knowledge is complemented by our strong grasp of product dynamics, bolstered by our local presence across the majority of our operational territories.

Operational Excellence

With a seasoned and well-trained operational team, Cope TS ensures a seamless customer journey across various stages, including quotation, integration, servicing, product adjustments, and claims management.

Adaptability and Agility

Our localized footprint and service-oriented ethos empower us with the flexibility and agility needed to deliver tailored and responsive solutions to our clients.

Assistance Network

Our goal is to provide our clients with the fastest and most effective assistance service possible. Cope TS sets up call centers on each continent to be close to cases, using local partners and Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) for optimal care and support for policyholders.

IT System Benefits


Cope TS collaborates with ARCH RE, a reinsurer with a prestigious AA rating, which has granted Cope TS the authority to underwrite, quote, collect premiums, and settle claims on its behalf.

Our service

A pivotal aspect that sets insurance apart, particularly in the realm of Travel insurance, is the paramount importance we place on service excellence. Our core mission revolves around ensuring our clients can embark on their travels with absolute confidence, reassured by the knowledge that we stand ready to deliver unparalleled support, no matter their location or circumstance.

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