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Life & Personal Accident


Life insurance is a contract between an individual, group or an entity and an insurance company, where the insured pays an agreed amount of Premium, in exchange of protecting himself from any death and/or disability. The insured amount will be paid to designated beneficiaries upon the insured's death. There are several types of life insurance policies, including term life insurance,
decreasing term life insurance, high net worth life insurance and many other types.

Group Life
Group Credit Life
Individual Term Life
Critical Illness (standalone)
Involuntary Loss of Employment

Personal Accident (PA)

Personal Accident Cover provides coverage for accidental bodily injury or death resulting from sudden, unforeseen events. This type of insurance typically offers compensation in the form of a lump sum or periodic payments to the insured or their beneficiaries in the event of covered accidents, such as traffic accidents, slips and falls, or accidents at home or work.

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